Afternoon Jazz

Last Sunday Nicole, Michelle and I spent a hot afternoon at a Jazz Festival in Santral Istanbul.  It was a very relaxing day, sketching, looking through records, drinking Efes and sitting in the grass.  The music was great and the people were fun to watch and draw.A sunbather
The bandMichelle drawing me


5 thoughts on “Afternoon Jazz

  1. Gabby – I really like how informal, loose, and gestural your field drawings are becoming. The process of making these quick sketches is really going to help inform your other work. Nice work.

    • Thank you Doug! I have been drawing all of the time. Its actually really hard to keep up with posting all of them, but I can already feel myself improving. It’s crazy how a city like this can make someone so inspired and invigorated. çok teşekkür ederim Doug Bey!

  2. Gabby — I LOVE your blog. I had no idea what a great writer you are. I am amazed at what you have done and are doing. Much love.

  3. These are all your sketches? They are fabulous, and very fun. I’m not sure I’ve seen you do much work similar to these- I really enjoy them

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