Road Trip Photos

I know, I know…this trip was over two weeks ago but due to my ability to fall easily into Turkish time it has taken me a while to even unload these photos.  So here is a brief look at the first part of the trip to Selcuk, Birgi and Efesus.  More coming soon, including some drawings!The girls in one of my favorite towns, Birgi.Carpet trade


I realized that the finished drawing of Küçük Ayasofya didn’t make it into the last post so here it is…tada!

little Ayasofya, ink, guach and gold pen on paper

Life in Early August

July is gone and with it the hot Istanbul nights.  August has brought a whole new atmosphere to the city and I can’t say I mind the change of pace.  With Ramazan in full swing, there is a subdued mood to the city and everything seems to be surprisingly quite and relaxed.  The devout are fasting from sunrise to sunset as they sit throughout the day in an almost meditative state.  Walking around the city, I see many shops and restaurants that are closed for the daylight hours while the air is not only noticeably cooler but also sleepy.  I seem to have fallen into the mood of Ramazan as I am feeling very calm in my surroundings, and when I am out drawing the energy in and around me is serene.  Below are some sketches of Fethiye Camii, Küçük Ayasofya Camii, a Bulgarian church in Fener and Chora Church.

ink and guache on paperink, guache and gold pen on paper

guache, ink and cay on paper

guache and ink on paper

With the coming of Ramazan, my enthusiasm for drawing has only increased.  Michelle, Nicole and I find new places to sit everyday and I always feel a kind of euphoria from our new conversations, locations and drawings.  Yesterday we laid all of our drawings out on the shop floor to admire our productivity.  It was quite satisfying to see them spread out together.  Most of the drawing we did while sitting side by side, staring at the same scene, but our interpretations, color and compositional choices are always completely unique from one another’s.  I love being able to feed off of Nicole and Michelle’s great energy and see what they choose to add to their work.  Every drawing session we have is a valuable learning experience for me.While walking back from drawing last night we saw a massive crowd in Sultanahmet Square.  Everyone had brought food and blankets and began feasting as soon as the call to prayer sounded, which is when the fast is broken.  It was an incredible sight.
The dome in Fethiye CamiiOn a ferry over to the Asian side to have my first Ramazan dinner.

How to Energize your Drawings

Living in a city like Istanbul sometimes means having very late nights with new friends.  Last week I met up with my sketching buddies for some wine and conversation at a flat in Cihangir.  I was late meeting the girls so by the time we reached Nabil’s house it was nearly 12:30.  Nabil is a Professor at the University of Mary Washington who comes to Istanbul often to do research.  We filled the night with talk about art, life, Istanbul and recent happenings in the news when before we knew it, the sun was beginning to rise over the Bosphorus.  Though it was nearly 6am I felt exhilarated by the fact that I was watching one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen in a city that I love.

 Needless to say I had very little sleep that night and the next day was trying, but this city seems to give me a boost of energy when it is most needed.  The following evening Nicole took me to see the neighborhood where her and Michelle have been doing most of their research, Fener.  We had to catch a late ferry because Nicole met me in the shop around 5, and of course once you are in the shop it is hard to leave.  After we managed to pull ourselves away from jewels, scarves and carpets we walked to my favorite art store where we picked up some ink and guache for Nicole.  It is amazing to see how well she has connected with this medium, and how excited her and Michelle are to work with it.

When we reached Fener, Nicole showed me around the main streets where her and Michelle work.  I fell in love with the neighborhood instantly.  The decaying buildings that lined the streets of Fener had the exact quality of what inspired an entire series of work three years ago.  The neighborhood seemed friendly, full of children playing games and families going about their evening routines.

After walking for a while Nicole and I thought it best that we sit down and draw before it was too dark.  We found the perfect street but no comfortable cafe to sit at.  The last time we did night drawing was in Ortaköy where we had the luxury of a nice cafe, a perfect view, a baked potato and çay.  This time we had to improvise.  There was a çay house on the street so we convinced the owner to bring us a small table with two chairs that we placed on the very uneven and narrow sidewalk.  Fatigue  and hunger were starting to set in so we asked the bread maker next door if we could buy a small loaf.  Ekmek almak istiyorum is what we tried to say in our shaky Turkish but he ended up giving each of us a loaf of bread for free.  So, there we sat with our dinner and our small table scattered with art supplies.  The only think we had to dilute our ink was çay, so we decided to work with it.  We soon noticed how uncomfortable our situation was compared to the night in Ortaköy.  We could barely see the street we were drawing because by now it the sun was completely gone, there were people standing in our way, the wind was blowing, our çay was black from the ink and a cat was sitting on Nicole’s paper.  Yet in spite of all this discomfort we regarded ourselves as real travel artist and came to the conclusion that one cannot always have a perfect view and a comfortable place to sit.  In fact, I believe our drawings directly benefitted from this situation and they had more energy and life than they would have had we been pampered.  We were both satisfied with our work by the end of the night, and also completely exhausted.  You can see Nicole’s Fener drawing here, and mine is below.

Ink, Guach and Cay on Paper


I believe that experiences like the one Nicole and I had in Fener will always be of benefit to my practice of responsive drawing.  A few days later the girls and I met in Sultanahmet and did some more ink and guache drawing behind Aya Sofya.  I found my drawing that day to come quite easily and I could feel that my observational skills had greatly improved from the beginning of the summer.  There is no better feeing.

Ink, Guache and Cay on Paper