Life in Early August

July is gone and with it the hot Istanbul nights.  August has brought a whole new atmosphere to the city and I can’t say I mind the change of pace.  With Ramazan in full swing, there is a subdued mood to the city and everything seems to be surprisingly quite and relaxed.  The devout are fasting from sunrise to sunset as they sit throughout the day in an almost meditative state.  Walking around the city, I see many shops and restaurants that are closed for the daylight hours while the air is not only noticeably cooler but also sleepy.  I seem to have fallen into the mood of Ramazan as I am feeling very calm in my surroundings, and when I am out drawing the energy in and around me is serene.  Below are some sketches of Fethiye Camii, Küçük Ayasofya Camii, a Bulgarian church in Fener and Chora Church.

ink and guache on paperink, guache and gold pen on paper

guache, ink and cay on paper

guache and ink on paper

With the coming of Ramazan, my enthusiasm for drawing has only increased.  Michelle, Nicole and I find new places to sit everyday and I always feel a kind of euphoria from our new conversations, locations and drawings.  Yesterday we laid all of our drawings out on the shop floor to admire our productivity.  It was quite satisfying to see them spread out together.  Most of the drawing we did while sitting side by side, staring at the same scene, but our interpretations, color and compositional choices are always completely unique from one another’s.  I love being able to feed off of Nicole and Michelle’s great energy and see what they choose to add to their work.  Every drawing session we have is a valuable learning experience for me.While walking back from drawing last night we saw a massive crowd in Sultanahmet Square.  Everyone had brought food and blankets and began feasting as soon as the call to prayer sounded, which is when the fast is broken.  It was an incredible sight.
The dome in Fethiye CamiiOn a ferry over to the Asian side to have my first Ramazan dinner.


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