Sketching Süleymaniye

A few days ago I visited the Pera Museum.  One of my favorite sections of the museum contains orientalist paintings depicting daily life during the Ottoman Empire.  After spending several hours with these works portraying the “Capital of the Orient” I headed down to Karaköy where I sat on the water’s edge staring across the Golden Horn at Süleymaniye Camii.  Keeping in mind the panorama paintings I had seen at the Pera Museum, I worked on a two hour sketch while enjoying several çay and the music from my ipod.  A strong breeze blew across the water and I was struck by one of those moments of complete amazement.  There are some days when painting comes to you as easily as if it were already done and you are simply the instrument fulfilling the task.  This was the feeling that washed over me and I let it in.

ink, guache and çay on paper


One thought on “Sketching Süleymaniye

  1. gabby– your drawings are lovely and look very serene. i hope this is a sign that life is on the upswing? will respond to your email soon. miss you like crazy.
    love, nicole hanim.

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