The Boukoleon

I have finished the sketch that I started working on with Trici.  I was spending time with her drawing at the Boukoleon, a ruined Byzantine Palace.  Trici has been working on a stunning drawing of this ruin for weeks.  She has been blogging about her experiences and progress on the drawing from the very beginning.  You can see her work and read her incredible posts on the project here.

The Boukoleon Palace was a wonderful challenge to tackle.  As you can see I only attempted one of the portals.  Trici’s drawing on the other hand incorporates the 4 remaining portals that face the Marmara Sea.  An incredibly complicated and difficult problem to solve, but her work and concentration on the piece is marvelous.  Drawing with Trici daily, seeing her working process and sharing her experience of exploring the details of this ancient building was invaluable for me.  When I look at this ink wash drawing I can feel the hot sun that beat down on us while we were working, I can hear the busy highway and I can remember all the details of our conversations.  I will miss those hours that I spent with Trici at the Bokoleon, in the early fall.  The thick coffee we had in the tea garden where we looked at our fortunes, and the dinner we ate at the Marmara on the evening when there was that stunning sunset.  It was so unbelievably beautiful that we had to walk backwards towards Eminonu in order to catch every changing color.  I will miss these few days, but the memories of them are frozen in the drawing.  And I know there are many more drawings and memories and flickering Istanbul moments to come.


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