Hagia Sophia

Its always great to draw Aya Sofya!  I finished this small commission for a friend of mine today.  The weather has finally cleared up and I am taking advantage of the warm October sun. This afternoon, I sat in front of the incredible building trying to draw around the hordes tourists, buses and street vendors.  Despite all of the distractions I felt very happy and satisfied as the sun heated my back and I chatted with the boy selling corn in between listening to my audio book.  I thought I would finish up listening to The Fall of Constantinople 1453 by Steven Runciman, as it seemed so fitting for the subject of my drawing.  Some teenage boys flocked around me and begged me to do portraits of them and I was tempted.  But, I knew that this would have been a chain reaction I and would have ended up sitting there all night doing portraits of smiling faces, I I politely said I would another time.  One of the boys, who looked about 13, offered me cigarettes in exchange for a drawing.  I told him that he shouldn’t be smoking and that I needed to work on the Hagia Sofia drawing for a very nice woman in Chicago.  I finished around 3:00, had a Nar Suyu and sat in the sun in Gulhane park until the I felt chilly.  It was a lovely day, and in 24 hours my family will be able to share the sights and experiences of Istanbul with me!


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