One of the reasons I decided to travel and live in Turkey was for the sake of self discovery.  It has occurred to me during this adventure that one’s identity has the ability to shift and alter depending on the experiences that happen throughout a lifetime.  This statement may seem obvious but when you go through the kind of intensity of emotions that seem to happen naturally in Turkey, you are therefor forced to change and grow accordingly.  I now look back on myself over 7 months ago and realize how much I have changed as an artist and woman.  Through this time of alteration and self discovery I am painting and drawing my image as a way to make sense of it all.  Self portraits have never been so prevalent in my work, but I am now finding how important they might be during this time of my life.  Below are just a few self portraits from my sketchbook and studio work.

Self Portrait in Venice

Self Portrait with Short HairFacial Studies
Self Portrait with Language (in progress)Self Portrait in Coffee (in progress)


One thought on “Self

  1. Really nice work / content. i lovee that language background. so perfect. love how the white is restrictive yet flow(y) . and the crease running from your hair to forehead works well. It is funny how a change of place… will just make you uncomfortable in the best possible way

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