Andiamo, andiamo, andiamo!

I am making a brief stop in Rome on my way back to the US.  The first time I visited this great city, I was an awkward, skinny legged girl of 13.  It is amazing to see this ancient place again, as a grown woman who has traveled, experienced and lived in many places.  Everything is just as I remembered, though my perceptions have changed, and I feel as though all the archaic structures and magnificent paintings missed me while I was away.


A Reward

Last week, Trici and I finally had the chance to finish our Han drawings.  There was a day when the sun decided to show itself again and we grabbed the chance to climb back onto the roof of Buyuk Valide Han.  We were greeted by the friendly workers again and offered plastic chairs to sit on while we worked away. We spent about two hours in concentration and just when I felt as though I hit a wall, my drawing was done.  Trici and I then rewarded our hard work with hot cay and nargile at our favorite after drawing spot.  I felt great satisfaction with my work and a great comfort sitting in the warm cafe and still wanting to draw…

Our View

My DrawingOur RewardMy Nagile Cafe Sketches

Snow in Byzantium

How incredibly serene the city has been this week with a blanket of snow over everything. Walking through the old city, all was still and quite.  Children and adults throwing snowballs, steam rising from street vending stands, a hot çay in one hand as I draw with the other…how could I possibly stay inside on days like these?