Like Squashing a Bug

When I was in Rome, I was lucky enough to see many masterpieces.  However, one painting in particular stands above the rest.  Caravaggio was one of my first loves and has always had a great influence on my work.  As I walked through the Palazzo Barberini, this shocking image came into my sight.  Judith Beheading Holofernes, by Caravaggio.  I sat in front of it for an immeasurable amount of time, and would have been fully satisfied if I didn’t see anything for the rest of the day, or week.

“I love the expression on her face.”

“Yes, me too.”

“Its as if she is doing something that is just slightly unpleasant.”

“Yes. like squashing a bug.”

Below is the sketch I did of the old woman, waiting to catch the head of Holofernes.


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