Now that I am home, I feel as though I can get back to some much needed studio work.  While I was living in Istanbul, I found it hard to set up a work space and concentrate on prolonged drawings or paintings.  When I did finally have a studio, and everything I needed to work for hours on a tightly rendered painting, I would feel anxious to  get back outside and draw from life.  There is such an incredible energy in Istanbul and I felt addicted to drawing right in the midst of its chaos.  Istanbul is also a city that is ever-changing and constantly moving.  As though it it is a living organism, and all of its inhabitants are pushed and pulled by each of its massive breaths.  My life in turn felt subject to manipulation.  When I would leave my house in the morning, I never knew what kind of experiences lay ahead of me, as though each day was a unique adventure.  My artwork soon became quick, gestural and energetic.  The drawings and paintings I made were not only a response to what I was seeing, but also what I was feeling.  Working in my studio felt like it didn’t correspond with such a life and such surroundings.  So, nearly everyday I found myself working outdoors on short sketches and loose watercolors. When I think about it, I cannot believe the contrast I had from my working life in Wyoming, where I would spend 8 months on a single painting, concentrating for hours on tedious detail.  Istanbul, and the experience I had there, brought a valuable new energy to my life and work.  Now that I am back in a more static environment, I can reflect on the life I had, draw new inspiration from it and work once again on longer projects.  Although I am certain they will carry a new energy about them.  I will be updating about new studio work, post-Istanbul, and in turn discovering, how this experience has changed so many aspects of myself.

Self Portrait, Mixed Media on Paper


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