I have never realized just how “campy” American culture is until this past week on the road.  The highway is littered with billboards advertising small western towns that offer “Free Ice Water!” and “5 cent Coffee!” and “America’s Only Corn Palace!”  My fellow traveller and I stopped in one of these obscure places as we were determined to fill up on kitschy attractions and french fries served on styrofoam plates.  The idea of camp was something so prevalent in my childhood that I never realized how imbedded it is in our culture until I immersed myself in a foreign one.  Driving along Interstate 90 brought back a strong sense of nostalgia as I recalled long road-trips with my father, stopping at corny attractions, drinking milk shakes and listening to Garrison Keillor.


One thought on “Camp

  1. Love your photos, especially the “jackalope” (jackrabbit + antelope) at Wall Drug. You might enjoy some of the posts on my blog The associated book has an essay on how Wall Drug became and evolved as a tourist destination. There are also a number of great books on campy/kitsch American roadside attractions, including some by Tim Hollis, that are worth your while if you haven’t seen them. Actually, the University Press of Florida has a number of books on quirky Florida roadside attractions too. Happy travels!

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