Something Beautiful

I recently spent a week in the thick woods of New Hampshire with a group of about 30 people, some of them were close friends, some were acquaintances, but most were strangers.  After spending 7 days in the wilderness, swimming, cooking, dancing, taking boat rides and swinging on hammocks, I was reconfirmed by something that I should never forget; the world is full of beautiful people who are accepting, kind hearted, funny, creative, intelligent and unique.  Although I didn’t get in my usual amount of drawing, I had a few irreplaceable life experiences, oh and I also fostered a growing love for photography.  Congratulations to my friends Rachel and Alastair on their beautiful wedding, and thank you for bringing us all together…if only for a little while.

Ok, so we weren’t totally secluded but just a 5 minute walk away from Lake Winnipesaukee, and a beach packed with families on summer vacation.  When I wasn’t swimming, playing volleyball or canoeing, I did a little bit of life drawing while drying off in the sun.And what an end to the week…