The Sale Barn

I love drawing people.  In Turkey, I would often sit in a tea house for hours and draw the crowd of Istanbullus, talking, laughing, smoking and sipping tea or coffee as if they had no other cares or obligations in the world . An open sketchbook, pencils, pens, markers and brushes scattered in the table in front of me, a hot çay and a sea of endless faces and gestures to capture is all I would need to feel as though I were in heaven.  In Wyoming this summer, I didn’t have a tea house but I still found interesting places to draw people.  Here are a few sketches from the sale barn in Riverton, where I was for three hours, drawing cowboys bidding on cattle.  This is ironic because I have not eaten meat in years, but I used to go here with my grandpa and watch the cattle, sheep and pigs as they are herded in and out of the arena.  I would listen to the auctioneer as his lips moved rapidly, resounding into the microphone his almost musical rythum.  I haven’t been here in years, but was delighted with the variety of faces I found and the nostalgia of the atmosphere.  I can’t imagine how out of place I looked, but no one seemed to notice me staring at them from the corner, just as no one seemed to notice at the çay bahçesi in Istanbul.


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