Color and Shape

In Istanbul, I was surrounded by vivid colors and powerful shapes.  It was at first overwhelming, as though I couldn’t sort though what my eyes were taking in.  Everywhere I looked I found delicate curves, strange symbols and angular figures combined with subtle color shifts and odd combinations.  I am talking, of course, about carpets.

Textile art was at first very foreign to me, and I admit in my difficulty to understand it.  However, after a summer of wading through these hand made works, studying their unique qualities and many beautiful imperfections, I fell in love with them.  A good friend of mine once remarked on when, she wondered, would these patterns make their way into my painting, and I asked myself the same question.  I felt as though I had an archive in my mind overloaded with imagery, and no way to sort my way though it.  However, after being home for several months, and reflecting on my experiences, I think I am at last ready to let carpet culture creep into my work.

I recently had a deadline that began to force some of the imagery trapped in my head into the world.  I spent a day sawing, nailing and sanding my new panels, and at last started working seriously on my Istanbul based series.  It is, an incredible release.

Here are a few details of what I have been working on, more images soon!


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