Yeni Camii

Yeni Camii “The New Mosque” was began by Kosem Valide Sultana in 1597, and finally finished on by a later sultana in 1663.  I walked by the structure almost daily, on various trips to the spice bazaar.  Here, I have created an image of the magnificent mosque as I best remember it, on a bright and cold day last February.  The light was exquisite, and I felt a particular pain in my heart knowing that I would soon leave Istanbul.

The pigeons flying over the image, were added to the painting with the intention of creating a surreal feeling.  Living in Istanbul, I often felt as though everything was intensified, giving the city a dream-like quality.  The birds, to me, represent this feeling, while creating movement and life.  Here is the result of many hours of work, which seemed to slip by with ease and enjoyment as I recalled walking by the mosque on that clear day, with Trici by my side.


“Yeni Camii” Watercolor 40″x30″


Detail from “Yeni Camii”


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