We were told that Ayder is a must see destination on the Black Sea, and though this small village is entirely touristic, we were overwhelmed with the beauty of this place.  Surrounded by terrifically green scenery, and an eery fog descending upon the towering mountaintops, I imagined Ayder as the Switzerland of the Middle East….although I have never been to Switzerland.

We stayed almost the entire day, laying in the grass, eating sweets, sipping çay, and basking in our surroundings.  The air was chilly and smelled of camp fire, grass and roasted corn…I’ll never forget those smells.

After watching some sort of dance circle, buying a few gifts (including a scarf with a pattern I have only seen on the Black Sea) we rolled out little car down the mountain, out of the fog, in search of our next camp sight…

IMG_2040 IMG_2047 IMG_2055 IMG_2077 IMG_2084 IMG_2085 IMG_2087 IMG_2096


On the Road

I’ve been undergoing some major life changes lately, and I can’t wait to write about it…but, first I need to finish up with some stories, drawings and pictures from last summer because it was just too good to skim over.

So, I left off with Sarah and I driving our little rental araba along the Black Sea coast.  After Rize and the tea garden, we continued east towards the Georgian border.  The mountains grew taller, the air thinner, and the roads windier.  Here are a few pictures from a pit stop we made to enjoy a little corn bread, salad and çay, while meeting some feathered friends…