Just a quick side note before I continue with my account of the Black Sea….

I have recently been in touch with people about selling prints of my paintings.  I have sold a few in the past, but have never done much advertising for them.  Its good for me because prints are easy and fast to make, and good for the client because they are affordable, can be printed at any size and look almost as good as an original.  So, that being said if you are interested in purchasing a print of any sketch, painting or drawing of mine, please contact me at  You can find most of my work on this site, as well as at

A few examples of prints sold…

"Mala in the Monsoon" Mixed Media on Paper, 2013

“Mala in the Monsoon” Mixed Media on Paper, 2013

"Waldo" Oil on Canvas, 2011

“Waldo” Oil on Canvas, 2011

"On Road"  Oil on Canvas, 2008

“On Road” Oil on Canvas, 2008


“Apparaition” Oil on Panel, 2010

Thank you to everyone who has supported my work!  Now, back to the Black Sea…


Commissioned Drawings

Various Drawing Commissions….


“Greyson” Commissioned Portrait, 11″x8″ Pen on BFK Paper

Gabriel & Finley-1

“Gabriel and Finley” Commissioned Drawing, Mixed Media on Paper


“Pearl Street” Commissioned Plein Air Sketch, 8″x12″ Mixed Media on Paper


“2nd Street” Commissioned Plein Air Drawing, 8″x11″ Mixed Media on Paper.


“In Snow” Commissioned Watercolor for Wedding Invitation. 7″x5″ Watercolor on Paper


Commissioned Paintings

As an in-betweener post, I thought I would share some past commissions.  Below are various painting commissions done on request.  Commissions come in a variety of forms, but I am always welcome to them because they often pay for my travel.  And is there any better way to make money than by doing something that you love?…I don’t think so.  If you are interested in a commissioned work of any kind, please visit my website and click on the contact link.


“Waldo” Commissioned by the University of Wyoming Library. 54″x74″ Oil on Canvas


“Waldo” and its twin “On Road” on display in the University of Wyoming Library


“Essential Wyoming” Commissioned by Park Street Law Office. 54″x74″ Oil on Canvas


“Siena Twilight” Commissioned by Mark Gifford Attorney at Law. 42″x60″ Oil on Canvas


Detail from “Zoe”


“Zoe” Commissioned by Mark Gifford Attorney at Law. 20″x16″ Oil on Canvas