I started sketching at night during my stay in Cappadocia last summer, and found  it so interesting to compare what could be seen or not seen during the night, as apposed to broad daylight.  This fall, despite the dropping temperatures, I found myself outdoors most evenings…doing quick studies, taking photographs or making longer drawings with my fellow artists.

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”

-Vincent Van Gogh


“Ibrahimpasa at Night 1” Mixed Media on Paper, 2014


“Ibrahimpasa at Night 2” Mixed Media on Paper, 2014


Photo Credit: Artist Heather Freedman



Starting from the End

For the past month, I have disconnected myself from my blog and regular email correspondence.  The reason being, I have been immersing myself in my first artist in residence experience.  For the past 6 weeks, I have been plein air drawing in the heart of Anatolia at The Babayan Culture House.  My time away from web, and effort to simplify my life while I settle back into Turkish culture has been important to me, but I feel ready to slowly unfold the adventure.  So here is my first post; an announcement of my culminating exhibition from the residency, and first time showing my work outside of the United States.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing the stories of my journey back to Turkey, and effort to connect with a rural village through my artwork.  But for now…a simple announcement of the show, and a few examples of the works to be exhibited.  If you happen to find yourself in Kapadokya this month, please feel free to join me!

Bizim Köy / Our Village

 Paintings and Drawings by Gabrielle Reeves


“Street Scene” Oil on Panel, 7″x5″

Displayed at ‘Seten’ Cappadocia Cultural Center in Göreme.

 Welcome on: Friday, June 14th, 8pm, 2013.

Location: Aydinli Mah. Aydinli Sok. No:40, 50180, Göreme, Nevşehir / TURKEY


“Kus Mehmet’s Shop” Mixed Media on Paper


“From the Valley” Mixed Media on Paper


“Neighborhood Scene” Mixed Media on Paper


“Eski Camii” Mixed Media on Paper


“Interior/Exterior” Mixed Media on Paper


“Ibrahimpasa at Night 1” Mixed Media on Paper