Türkiye’ye Gidiyorum!

Actually…I have already came and gone, but decided to disconnect from my life on the Internet for the most part of the trip.  So, get ready….the following weeks with be filled with posts of my reunion with the country that I love.  I left Istanbul over a year ago, and became fully intoxicated with the comforts of home.  But after sometime, I longed for my home away from home.  So when an acceptance letter came from Babayan Culture House, an artist in residency program in rural Kapadokya, my heart leapt and I packed my bags.

Here is the beginning of my journey, an eight hour layover in Moscow.  In someways I don’t mind layovers, I can sketch, blog, have some coffee and a sandwich while I anticipate the following day and daydream about where I will be.  It rained all day, but I was warm while I gazed outside and sketched the airplanes, deliriously tired, but happy.