Starting from the End

For the past month, I have disconnected myself from my blog and regular email correspondence.  The reason being, I have been immersing myself in my first artist in residence experience.  For the past 6 weeks, I have been plein air drawing in the heart of Anatolia at The Babayan Culture House.  My time away from web, and effort to simplify my life while I settle back into Turkish culture has been important to me, but I feel ready to slowly unfold the adventure.  So here is my first post; an announcement of my culminating exhibition from the residency, and first time showing my work outside of the United States.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing the stories of my journey back to Turkey, and effort to connect with a rural village through my artwork.  But for now…a simple announcement of the show, and a few examples of the works to be exhibited.  If you happen to find yourself in Kapadokya this month, please feel free to join me!

Bizim Köy / Our Village

 Paintings and Drawings by Gabrielle Reeves


“Street Scene” Oil on Panel, 7″x5″

Displayed at ‘Seten’ Cappadocia Cultural Center in Göreme.

 Welcome on: Friday, June 14th, 8pm, 2013.

Location: Aydinli Mah. Aydinli Sok. No:40, 50180, Göreme, Nevşehir / TURKEY


“Kus Mehmet’s Shop” Mixed Media on Paper


“From the Valley” Mixed Media on Paper


“Neighborhood Scene” Mixed Media on Paper


“Eski Camii” Mixed Media on Paper


“Interior/Exterior” Mixed Media on Paper


“Ibrahimpasa at Night 1” Mixed Media on Paper