Gece Çizimler/Night Drawings

Ibrahimpaşa is stunning at night; when everyone retires into their homes, the streets are quiet, and dim lamps reflect yellow and orange hues against stone houses tumbling down the hill.

The last time I did a night drawing was in Istanbul 2 years ago, with fellow sketcher Nicole.  We sat awkwardly at a tippy table in Fener, using çay as medium while street cats walked across our drawing paper and the light rapidly faded.  I remember how uncomfortable the situation was, but also how all of these challenges brought about unexpected energy to our drawings.  For me, another layer of difficulty brings another layer of exhilaration, and I find that my work often benefits from a bit of chaos.

One way to add a great deal of chaos to the drawing process, is to work at night.  Finding a good light source, sitting in the cold, trying to capture the infinite lights and darks that appear within shadows, being able to see the colors you are using….all difficulties in the night sketching process.

In the early Kapadokyan summer, I sat under a dim street lamp with frozen fingers. Drawing shapes that had become so familiar to me during the day, and so mysterious at night.


“Gece Çizim/Night Drawing 1” Mixed Media on Paper, 2013


“Gece Çizim/Night Drawing 2” Mixed Media on Paper, 2013



“Gece Çizim/Night Drawing 3” Mixed Media on Paper, 2013




One of the great things about being in a residency program, is connecting with other artists; sharing ideas, learning about different processes and methods of working.  While in residence at Babayan, I participated in a bit of collaboration with fellow artist Olivia Valentine, helping her with documentation and participating in one of her shoots.  We spent several early mornings, and late evenings together; walking through the stunning valleys, gardens and winding roads that surround Ibrahimpaşa; discussing life, art, processes, and finding ourselves in disbelief of surreal beauty that surrounded us.
IMG_1192 IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1202 IMG_1206 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 _MG_1371 05-16-GA-Untitled1My contribuation to Olivia’s landcape Oya project, to learn more about her work her work, click here.